Jacob Wohl Banned By Both Facebook and Instagram


Conservative political operative Jacob Wohl has been banned by both Instagram and its parent company Facebook. This seems to be another move in Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to be more responsive to public demands that he do more to combat fake news and hate speech on the social media platforms. This has been a divisive issue since the 2016 elections and Zuckerberg himself has been vilified for his part in the proliferation of fake news.

Jacob Wohl had already been kicked of Twitter. He posted a screen shot of the message that Facebook sent him which read: ““We’ve determined that you are not eligible to use Facebook. This decision is final. Unfortunately for safety and security reasons, we can’t give you any additional information as to why your account was disabled.”

Jacob Wohl posted on his own website, “Now that I’ve been banned by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, I no longer have any reservations about using their platforms to “manipulate the conversation”, as they put it. Project 1599 will make Cambridge Analytica look like a middle school science fair project. The Democrats will wish they had just allowed me to post my shirtless selfies and hipster coffee shop tweets.” The last part has something to do with accusations against people who he confronted in a coffee shop.

And Wohl added something about the video he posted which may have been the cause of his ban: “The recent video I posted on Instagram received over a million views across the platform (including reposts on other pages). It showed the true violence of Black Lives Matter and led to the arrest of more than a dozen BLM and Antifa terrorists in DC. That was the last straw for the Silicon Valley tech tyrants. The only person that I have any faith in to do something about this problem is Laura Loomer.”

Jacon Wohl and his partner lobbyist Jack Burkman have engaged in numerous smear campaigns against Democratic candidates. Together they had a woman accuse-Special Counsel Robert Mueller in 2018 of sexual assault. But the accuser never came forward as the two promised.

Just last week Michigan State officials announced and investigation into Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman for a voter suppression. The two apparently were behind robocalls which attempted to scare people away from mail in balloting.

If you want to know more about Burkman and Wohl see the 2020 documentary called “After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News.”

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