Jeff Goldblum Redoes Jurassic Park Scene With Sam Neil


The two were also joined by Laura Dern to promote voting.

Jeff Goldblum Sam Neil And Laura Dern from Jeff Goldblum Instagram

Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum reunited with his co-star Sam Neil for a reshoot of one of their iconic scenes together. It came as part of a campaign to get more people to register to vote.

Four days ago Goldblum said in an Instagram post, “This election is wildly important, and you have the power to really make a difference — but first, you’ve got to get Good To Vote! If 1,000 of you register to vote, or check your registration status, or request a mail-in ballot (use the link in my bio!), I will recreate a classic Dr. Ian Malcolm moment from Jurassic Park.”

It worked. So now he posted, “That was fast! We’ve already hit 1,000 voting actions. As a reward, please enjoy this re-enactment of the “Chaos Theory” scene with my original costars @samneilltheprop and @lauradern! AND! If we get 1,000 more voting actions through @headcountorg (link in bio), I will post another classic Jurassic Park reenactment…”

The new video opens with Jeff Goldblum placing water drops on Sam Neil’s hand. The two are together in person. They did not film their parts in different places due to social distancing.

Goldblum tells Neil, “You’ve got slight imperfections in your hand like that and I notice that it might be going over your head like this.”

Neil responds, “I don’t know if I’m scared or excited.”

This was a recreation of something that Goldblum did to Laura Dern who played Sam Neil’s assistant and possible girlfriend in Jurassic Park. So of course Laura Dern shows up and says, I’ve seen this before!”

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