Jerusalem Post to launch ‘Ask the Doctor’ podcast with Ziv hospital

Science and Health

Next week, The Jerusalem Post and Ziv Medical Center will launch a special three-part podcast, “Ask the Doctor.”

The podcast is meant to bridge the gap between everyday health concerns and the extraordinary world of medical expertise at the Safed hospital.

Each week, we’ll into the realm of healthcare with Prof. Salman Zarka and his team of doctors.

What will we talk about?

“Ask the Doctor” will explore topics that resonate with our listeners’ daily lives, turning complex medical issues into something we can talk about. The doctors will address a wide array of health subjects, shedding light on prevention, treatment, and the latest medical advancements.

Whether it’s deciphering the latest trends in mental health or looking at innovative approaches to cancer care, our three-part mini podcast series will provide new insights into the world of health. 

“Ask the Doctor” isn’t just about health education—it’s a celebration of the remarkable work happening at Ziv Medical Center. With a focus on the hospital’s groundbreaking research, innovative treatments, and heartfelt patient stories, we aim to showcase the dedicated teams that work tirelessly to enhance the well-being of their community.

Starting next week, click here and listen to “Ask the Doctor.”

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