Leading Israeli lab equipment firm Rhenium taps Eran Taus as new CEO


Israeli laboratory equipment firm Rhenium is set to welcome a new CEO, Eran Taus, the company announced Monday.

Taus, 59, has a long background in the industry. Since the 1990s, he has held managerial posts and served as CEO of a number of different tech industry, services, and logistics companies, including a five-year stint as CEO of the Chemovil Group, one of Israel’s leading producers and distributors of chemical and raw materials.

One of his most notable roles was as CEO of Novolog Medical Services, where Taus helped steer the company to see an 80% rise in revenue over the past six years.

Now, he is set to bring his skills and experience to the Modi’in-based Rhenium Group.

Joining Israel’s leading scientific, medical equipment firm

“I am thrilled to join one of Israel’s leading companies in the life sciences, diagnostics, and individualized medicine field, which has been acting ceaselessly for many years to provide support and services to labs and health organizations in Israel,” Taus said in a statement.

Welcoming Taos was Rhenium chairman Dror Israeli, who has owned the company since its founding and who maintains joint stock ownership alongside private equity fund Fortissimi Capital.

“Eran brings with him his immense experience in the field. He chose Rhenium because he believes that together we can continue to develop the group and lead it to new heights. Rhenium has been leading the market for many years and will continue to do so thanks to our consistent adaptability to a dynamic reality, while continuously emphasizing innovation and growth. I wish Eran success in his new role and am confident that we will continue to do important work.”

Taus is set to begin serving as CEO on August 20.