Listen: Rallies, Surveys, and Ice Cream


It’s been a rough few weeks for the “pro-Israel” establishment, from a pitiful showing at the “No Fear” rally against antisemitism (whose “big tent” excluded non-Zionists), to the release of a Jewish Electorate Institute survey of American Jewish voters showing surprisingly prevelant left-wing attitudes about Israel, to last week’s announcement that Ben & Jerry’s will stop selling ice cream in the occupied Palestinian territories. Editor-in-chief Arielle Angel, culture editor Ari M. Brostoff, assistant editor Mari Cohen, and contributing editor Joshua Leifer discuss these developments, what they suggest about evolving public opinion among American Jews, and what questions they raise about Jewish institutional engagement and political education.

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Articles Mentioned:

Jewish Electorate Institute’s “July 2021 National Survey of Jewish Voters

I helped organize the Washington rally against antisemitism. It wasn’t perfect, but it was necessary” by Elisha Wiesel

How Zionism complicated a Capitol rally against antisemitism” by Arno Rosenfeld

No More Slogans” by Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon

Are 95% of Jews Really Zionists?” by Caroline Morganti

The Genocide of the Palestinian People: An International and Human Rights Perspective

The question of genocide in Palestine, 1948: an exchange between Martin Shaw and Omer Bartov

What Happened to IfNotNow?” by Aaron Freedman

Avodah Considers Stepping Out on Israel/Palestine” by Mari Cohen

Ben & Jerry’s Tests Anti-BDS Laws” by Mari Cohen

Books Mentioned:

Politicide: The Real Legacy of Ariel Sharon by Baruch Kimmerling

Thanks to Santiago Helou Quintero for producing and to Nathan Salsburg for the use of his song “VIII (All That Were Calculated Have Passed).” Transcript will be available soon.

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