Living among celebs: Ed Sheeran vacates expensive Brooklyn apartment


English singer Ed Sheeran recently announced that after just 12 months of living in the luxurious apartment in Brooklyn, he and his family will vacate it for another tenant who can afford to pay the rent, which is considered one of the highest in Brooklyn. 

According to the New York Post, the triplex is about 300 square meters, with a view of the Brooklyn waterfront. Sheeran paid $36,000 per month (about NIS 131,000) for the apartment, but now the owners are demanding a higher amount of $38,000 (an increase of about NIS 7,000). The apartment comes with a 12-month lease and is offered furnished. The listing was put up on Monday.

“The triplex is located in the luxurious Pierhouse building in Brooklyn’s Park Bridge, known for its famous clientele,” said a real estate agent familiar with the matter. “Rapper Kendrick Lamar recently purchased his own triplex there with four bedrooms for $8.6 million. Additionally, the Pierhouse is connected to the luxury Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, so the tenant will have access to all the hotel’s 5-star facilities.”

Sheeran, 32 years old, has won four Grammy Awards and got involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit last year, which he recently won. He has two young daughters with his wife, Cherry Seaborn, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The family also owns a property in Suffolk County, England, where Sheeran was born and raised. The property, called Sheeranville, includes a library, a gym, a swimming pool, and even a giant treehouse.

Despite the increase in price, the triplex is expected to be quickly snatched up by another high-profile tenant who can afford the extravagant lifestyle and panoramic views it offers.