Love blossoms from a robbery: How a thief stole more than just a phone

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He snatched her phone, then her heart. A young Brazilian woman redefined the term “romantic crime” when she disclosed that she fell head over heels for a thief who mugged her on the street. The two of them became an inseparable couple, as reported by local media.

The pair narrated their enchanting love story in a Twitter video that garnered over a quarter of a million views.

The full story

Emmanuela, as she is known, recounted their initial ‘encounter,’ stating: “I was walking on the street in his neighborhood when, unfortunately, I was robbed.”

She shared that the thief took her phone but discovered her number and decided he had fallen for the real heist.

On the flip side, the thief revealed that his heart took an unexpected turn during the robbery when he laid eyes on Emmanuela.

“I was going through a tough time because I didn’t have a partner, you know?” he explained. “When I saw her picture on the phone, I said to myself, ‘What a beautiful brunette girl! You don’t come across someone like her every day.’ I immediately regretted it.”

At this point, the interviewer chuckled, saying: “So, you stole her phone and then her heart?”

Watch the heartwarming interview of this lovestruck couple here.

According to the couple, they have been in a relationship for two years, though it remains unclear what Emmanuela’s parents think about the man who might become their son-in-law.

Naturally, Twitter users had a difficult time processing this peculiar love story. “Only in Brazil can something like this happen,” remarked Milton Neves, one of the nation’s prominent journalists.

“Love conquers all,” responded one user, while another laughed, saying, “This is one of the most unusual love stories out there.”