Marketing revolution in real estate: maximizing apartment sales processe


The Media Real Estate Group (H) announced today its partnership with groundbreaking software company SEHEL, creator of an innovative CRM system designed for managing real estate projects.

This collaboration will integrate SEHEL into Media Real Estate’s extensive operations within the industry. Additionally, the agreement involves prominent figures in the real estate market, led by Israel Pasternak, the controlling owner of Media Real Estate.

The partnership stipulates that SEHEL, the leading CRM system in terms of innovation, will be implemented by dozens of top real estate companies, offering solutions previously unattainable by other systems.

(credit: freepik)

Eyal Shalev Pasternak and Roitel Sommer will oversee the management of SEHEL, aiming to optimize processes leading to successful apartment sales. “I am delighted to announce this deal,” says Pasternak, “and excited to share that we are already in negotiations with numerous companies in the market, all seeking to elevate their apartment selling procedures from the first phone call to the final deal closure.”

CEO of SEHEL, Eyal Shalev, expresses gratitude for the trust placed in them and is confident in the project’s success.