MDI Health Offers Personalized AI Medication Platform


MDI Health Offers Personalized AI Medication Platform

MDI Health just raised $6 million.

MDI Health co-founders. Photo MDI Health

Israeli medtech startup MDI Health uses artificial intelligence to improve the use of medications. The company has completed a $6 million seed round led by Hanaco Ventures, bringing the company’s total funding to date to $7 million.

In recent years Israel has become known as the startup state or Startup Nation. The country has had multi-billion dollar exits for numerous software and security companies. But Startup Nations is also known for its medtech startups. Israel has always been a center for medical research and innovation. Now put that together with its startup culture and you have medtech nation.

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Dorit Nahlieli and Avishai Ben-Tovim. MDI declares that its tech can prevent medication related problems, using data and AI, to create “immense clinical, financial, and social impact in healthcare.”

The MDI solution is powered by AI to enable clinicians to run high quality CMRs (comprehensive medication reviews) at scale. The company says that this can improve patient outcomes, prevent hospitalizations and reduce medication-related issues, which cost $528 billion annually. The MDI technology collects patient medical data, detects patients at risk, identifies and helps prevent potential adverse drug events, and continuously monitors patient health.

MDI can be implemented within health payer programs, at-risk provider programs, and Medicare/Medicaid programs as integrated SaaS or as a complete turnkey solution.

“MDI knows clinicians work tirelessly to ensure the health of chronic polypharmacy patients and at-risk populations. With more and more patients to serve and a system that can’t scale while retaining its accuracy, the mission to deliver exceptional care has its limitations.”

“As a drug safety export, I’ve been trying for decades to better manage patient risk, especially when it comes to patients taking multiple medications,” said Dr. Dorit Nahlieli, Co-founder and CSO of MDI Healthcare. “It is a tragedy that so many people die each year when we know CMRs are an effective solution, yet clinicians like me don’t have the tools to automate such a time-consuming process and customize patient’s prescriptions with the quality they deserve.”

Avishai Ben-Tovim, CEO and Co-Founder of MDI Health, added: “We believe this is a watershed moment in the democratization of healthcare in the U.S., making high-quality personalized medication treatment accessible to all. Consider us an AI clinical pharmacist, empowering clinicians to be able to perform more medication reviews while maintaining the highest standards. We give clinicians all the tools they need to find the best balance between efficacy of the treatment and risks of the medications for each patient individually, at mass-scale.”