Meta prototype for augmented realityglasses revealed


A first look at Meta’s prototype for augmented reality glasses was released by an internal source from the company on Tuesday.

Under the name “Orion”, the augmented reality glasses are expected to integrate the real environment with digital reality and applications. According to the report, a number of Meta employees have already started experimenting with glasses.

The AR glasses were developed in the company’s laboratories and under the watchful eye of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Earlier this year, Zuckerberg posted several versions of Meta Glasses on his desktop. A source in the company leaked that one of them is expected to be the augmented reality glasses that the company intends to launch. However, the company’s spokesperson refused to corroborate.

According to the release, the company, which has been working on the AR glasses for years, is expected to present a prototype during 2024, and it is possible that the initial version will be shown this fall.

A person wearing Meta’s prototype AR glasses. (credit: META)
The augmented reality glasses are a central part of Meta’s plan to expand the development of wearable products. Additional reports stated that the new glasses are expected to be the most advanced available today, hinting at the company’s competition with Apple.

Apple’s AR glasses sold out even before arriving to the shelves

Meanwhile, Apple is speeding up the production of its augmented reality glasses, after 200,000 copies of the glasses sold out in pre-order even before the launch a few weeks ago. 

The company has not yet said when the shelves of Apple stores will be filled to the top with glasses, which for the time being are not expected to arrive in Israel.