Microsoft for Startups Israel Moves Forward with AI For Good Accelerator Program


Microsoft for Startups Israel Moves Forward with AI For Good Accelerator Program

Microsoft for Startups is a comprehensive global program designed to support startups as they build and scale their companies.

The Microsoft for StartUps Team with, Meital Shamia, Raz Bachar, and Amit Svarzenberg. (Facebook Pic)

Microsoft for Startups Israel has announced the fifteen Israeli startups which have been selected as participants in the second AI For Good Accelerator Program, in collaboration with Tech for Good. The AI for Good program is designed by Microsoft, Microsoft for Startups and TechForGood to give impact generating startups the holistic commercial, technical and social impact support they need to succeed. The program will run virtually, and under the guidance of the ministry of health.

Microsoft for Startups is a comprehensive global program designed to support startups as they build and scale their companies.

The AI for Good curriculum covers three streams: Business Development – Fund raising, business model, go to market strategy, commercial strategy, international growth, partnerships and much more; AI and Tech – AI fundamentals such as AI ethical principles, cognitive services essentials and machine learning deep dives; Impact – Mission statement, impact KPIs and goals, embedding intentionality into the DNA of the startup, impact investment readiness.

Microsoft says that the AI for Good Acceleration Program helps purpose-driven ventures in Israel advance their AI solutions to create positive social transformation. For the second year running, Microsoft for Startups Israel and TechForGood will be selecting a cohort of organizations committed to a social mission to join this 14-weeks program.

The AI for Good acceleration program has won the best acceleration program of the year 2021 by GeekTime.

Applicants and graduates of the program will be able to apply to Microsoft Social Entrepreneurship program, which supports social impact startups with technology, connections and grants so that they will be able to focus on bringing their vision to life and making the world a better place.

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This year the program is looking for organizations that support the healthcare, environment and accessibility industries in the following categories.

“We are pleased to see how many startups are aiming to make a positive impact on the world and seeking to join the second cycle of the program after a successful first round,” said Raz Bachar, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups Israel.

“First-year graduates have experienced significant successes over the past year: connections to Microsoft customers, investments from funds that got to know them through the program, employee recruitment assistance, and even winning Microsoft as a customer, as in the case of RightHear, which makes public spaces accessible and is now implementing the solution in Microsoft offices around the country.”

The 15 participating startups include Eleos Health, which provides a Care Intelligence solution to help with clinicians’ workflow, MYOR, which uses predictive analysis to promote pediatric preventative care starting with allergies, Travaxy, which helps turn travel agencies into accessibility experts for those with accessibility needs and Well-Beat, which supports healthcare organizations with a modular SaaS patient engagement solution that creates tailored interactions.

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Then there is Voiceitt -which increases independence and quality of life for people with speech and motor disabilities and Kando, which is an environmental technology and data firm that deploys digital solutions that improve environmental health and promote sustainability.

MagniLearn is an Education-as-a-service (EaaS) company that can help improve learning efficiency through personalized lessons and helps identify Fake News online by helping advertisers and agencies block hate speech and misinformation.

OKO secures farmers’ income in emerging countries using automated insurance solutions, Clarifruit developed automated quality control solutions for consistent fresh fruit and vegetables and Gina Life developed an AI platform for early detection of women’s health diseases, starting with ovarian cancer.

Also participating are EEG-Sense, which provides a platform for brain-based applications, transforming thought into reality, Newton Tech, which brings neuroscience to patients to help with clinical outcomes and help revolutionize rehabilitation, LittleOne.Care, which helps improve babies’ well-being and development by recognizing baby noises and identifying if they’re safe, happy, or their needs are met and SocialMind,which is designed to help train parents of children with disabilities during their daily activities

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