Netanyahu Praises IAEA for Quick Response to Iran’s Refusal to Cooperate with Nuclear Deal


Photo Credit: courtesy IAEA

IAEA flag

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Thursday for holding an emergency meeting of its 35-state member Board of Governors to discuss Iran’s decision to “go rogue” with its nuclear development activities.

Iran refused to cooperate with UN inspectors who were investigating traces of uranium particles that were discovered in a warehouse in Tehran earlier in the year.


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The warehouse, which contained Iran’s archive of documents describing its nuclear development program, was raided by Israeli intelligence agents last year.

“Iran continues to hide its nuclear program and continues to renew uranium enrichment for the purpose of producing nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said. “Iran is a threat to the entire world.”

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The prime minister added that Israel will not allow the Islamic Republic to develop nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

Iran Begins Injecting Uranium Gas into Centrifuges at Fordow

On Thursday, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization announced in a statement carried by state media, “After all successful preparations . . . injection of uranium gas into centrifuges began on Thursday at Fordow. The entire process has been supervised by the inspectors of the UN nuclear watchdog agency.

“The process will take a few hours to stabilize and by Saturday, when International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors will again visit the site, an . . . enrichment level of 4.5 percent will have been achieved,” said Atomic Energy Organization spokesperson Behrouz Kamalvandi.


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