New NY Mets owner Steve Cohen Asks For Fans’ Help With The Team


Steve Cohen expects to finalize his purchase of the Mets within 10 days.

Steve Cohen’s $2.45 billion acquisition of the New York Mets was approved by the Major League Baseball owners. Now Cohen is asking Mets fans to help him rebuild the team.

He made an open call for suggestions on Twitter.

One fan Darrell Buono told Steve Cohen, “Mr. Cohen congratulations! As a lifelong Met fan, I would love to see the team pay better tribute to its history. How about bringing back Old Timer’s Day? All the best! Let’s Go Mets!”

In response Steve Cohen said, “Darell, No brainer to have Old Times Day, done.”

Many Mets fans are excited about their new owner. And observers say that Steve Cohen could be exactly what the team needs.

Author Sheelah Kolhatkar, who wrote a book about Steve Cohen and hedge funds called Black Edge told Town and Country, “He’s obsessed with coming out on top. He could easily just have had a private family office and not dealt with the headaches, but he really wanted to go through the whole process of showing everybody that he was back. I think owning the Mets will change his legacy. When someone writes his obituary, it may begin in a different way.”

The 64 year old Steve Cohen is reportedly worth more than $14 Billion. According to Forbes, Steve Cohen oversees Point72 Asset Management, a $16 billion hedge fund firm that started managing outside capital in 2018.

For years Cohen ran SAC Capital, one of the most successful hedge funds ever. Cohen was forced to shut down SAC Capital after the firm pleaded guilty to insider trading charges that cost Cohen $1.8 billion in penalties.

Point72 has reopened to outside money in 2018 after expiration of a two-year supervisory bar from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cohen has given $715 million to philanthropic causes over his lifetime, including causes related to veterans and children’s health.

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