Nike Has a New Hands Free Shoe — GO FlyEase


Nike Has a New Hands Free Shoe — GO FlyEase

No more wasting time tying your own shoes!

The Nike GO FlyEase

Nike is breaking new ground with its new shoe the Go FlyEase. So what’s the big deal here? Well its hand’s free, kind of like a slipper.

That’s right. These are shoes that you can just slip into. Think of all of the time that you will save. No more taking both hands to stretch the shoe out in order to put your foot into it. And no more wasting time putting on one shoe at a time. You can put both on at once now.

This is also great for all of us who are feeling our ages these days. Are you having trouble bending over to put on your shoes? Do you get achy and feel that little pinch in the small of your back every time that you do? Well your problem is now solved because you can slip into these shoes while standing up.

Have you got a little bit of a belly? Or a lot of one? Does it get in the way when tying your shoes? Do you run out of breath just doing so? Well the good news now is you no longer have to worry about this with these slip on shoes.

So how does it work? The shoes have alternatives to traditional shoelaces ranging from zippered uppers to cable-and-strap systems. It also features larger entries at the mouth of the shoe and offers alternative entry systems, such as the magnetized heel featured in the Nike Air Zoom UNVRS. It is also compatible to a broad range of foot shapes. This can mean feet with wide widths or versatility for a variety of braces and supports.

Nike boasts that, “Considering ease of use when designing exponentially improves product across the board. FlyEase might start with an aim to improve the lives of athletes with disabilities, but the application of its solutions makes sport and life easier for all.”

And it won’t just help athletes with disabilities. Think of how this will change the very nature of human existence. From now on no more having to learn how to tie your own shoes. Future generations will be spared this early life trauma. This will probably save people a lot of money in therapy bills.

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