Ofer Malls, Israel Bidur launch incubator for content creators


An incubator for content creators is set to be launched in Israel for the first time as part of a collaboration between the Ofer Malls Group and Israel Bidur, Israel’s leading media brand.

The project will allow social media creators from across Israel to take part in the activities and productions overseen by Ofer Malls and Israel Bidur. 

Around 15 candidates will be selected for the project, all of whom will then be trained and promoted, granting them access to professional knowledge and opportunities they may not have been able to gain access to at the start of their careers.

The creators will then become a part of a limited and exclusive team run by Ofer Malls and Israel Bidur, and will work to create diverse and contemporary content for Ofer Malls customers.

As part of their training, they will take an active part in enrichment sessions and professional workshops that will be delivered by leading influencers in Israel, as well as by experts in the social and media fields. 

The Ofer Sharon shopping mall in centeral Netanya, on January 8, 2017. (credit: NATI SHOHAT/FLASH90)

How will the content creators be selected?

In order to select the candidates for the new incubator program, a national campaign will be launched in the coming week in collaboration with Israel’s top social media influencers, who will promote the campaign on social media and invite those who are interested to apply for a spot in the project.

Then, following a careful screening to select the most suitable candidates, the list of participants will be published and a ceremonial launch event will be held to mark the project’s launch.

The members of the exclusive team will be sent to Ofer malls around the country, as per the needs and preferences of the mall, where they will be invited to events, launches, and special activities, and in return they will promote these events and the products.

The campaign will receive wide exposure across social media and the malls themselves.

“As market leaders in the field of malls in Israel, we are happy to promote an innovative project with content creators for Ofer Malls,” said Itai Banyan, Vice President of Business Development and Innovation of Melisron, which owns Ofer Malls.

“Content creators on social networks are currently a leading platform that is growing rapidly in the world and in Israel in particular. Through the cooperation and professional guidance of Israel Bidur in the field, we will provide Ofer shopping malls with quality, innovative, up-to-date, and fun content, and we will support a new community of content creators at the beginning of their professional journey.”