Operation ‘Blue Flag’ Takes to the Skies Next Week


Photo Credit: Moshe Shai / Flash 90

IDF F-35 “Adir” stealth fighter jet in action

Operation “Blue Flag” will take to the skies over southern Israel next week. A military aviation exercise held at Ovda Air Force Base by the Israeli Air Force, is a biennial event aimed at expanding international cooperation.


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For the first time ever, F-35 stealth fighter jets are to be included in the drill, which will be held from Sunday through Thursday.

The exercise is being held for the fifth time in Israel and is intended to simulate extreme combat scenarios and coalition flights as realistically as possible, involving will involve more than a thousand air crews, technical personnel and administrative personnel from Germany, Italy, Greece and the United States.

“This unique collaboration will enable high-level international mutual learning, deepening flight techniques and operations, investigative methods as well as an opportunity to strengthen relations between countries,” the IDF Spokesperson said.

As part of the exercise, dozens of aircraft will be deployed in which the Israeli Air Force together with those of other nations will practice participating in air-to-air and ground-to-air combat scenarios, dealing with advanced TCA (air-to-ground) threat as well as enemy combat deployments.

“This deployment provides an opportunity for Joint Tactical Combat A exercises and flight performance against a wide range of threats combined with advanced technology,” the IDF Spokesperson said.

“The IAF will continue to practice with foreign air forces to maintain and advance their military capabilities, reinforce the connections and interests between the troops, encourage and reinforce learning between the forces.”


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