Over Half A Billion Euros: Details of Messi’s Contract Revealed


Over Half A Billion Euros: Details of Messi’s Contract Revealed

El Mundo published this morning copy of the agreement signed by Bartomeu and defined: “The contract that destroys Barcelona.”

This morning (Sunday) the Spanish “El Mundo” dropped a bomb with the amazing details of the contract signed by Leo Messi with Barcelona, ​​a contract signed with the previous president, Joseph Maria Bartomeu. The headline across the front page the number 555,237,619 euros.

This is the amount that Messi is supposed to earn, and whose share he has already been earned, throughout the four-year contract, which will end in June 2021. The newspaper even defined it – “the pharaonic contract that destroys Barcelona”. No less.

How far does the contract go? As part of the long article published in the Spanish daily, two bonuses were mentioned that indicate the organizational culture that led to the signing of the agreement:

The first, a signing grant of over 115 million euros (for the agreement itself!)

Another bonus of close to 78 million euros for “loyalty”.

92% of the amount signed by Messi (equal to 511 million euros) is already guaranteed to the Argentine star, regardless of the achievements that Barcelona will achieve by the end of the contract.

In fact, things stand out especially in light of last season, in which Barcelona finished without a single title, but the box office is still recording – and recording strong.

The publication of the contract’s details does not come in a vacuum – Bartomeu, who signed the contract, is no longer part of the management, but the new presidential election is already on the horizon (March 7), and those who are not elected will have to face reality.

When you put Messi’s crazy contract, in the face of the catatonic situation the team is in, the message is clear – it will be almost impossible to keep Messi at the end of his contract. Messi marks 21 years since joining the senior team of Barcelona.

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