Palestinian Press Association Calls for Boycott of Al-Quds Newspaper After it Publishes Regavim Advertisement


Photo Credit: TPS

The Palestinian Press Association (PPA) has called for a boycott of the Al-Quds newspaper after it published an advertisement by the Israeli Regavim organization concerning land expropriation in the southern Hebron area.

Regavim monitors and pursues legal action against illegal Arab construction, primarily in Judea and Samaria.


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The PAA condemned Al Quds in light of the fact that this was not the first time the newspaper published ads that “serve the Israeli settlement and occupation policies.”

In the past, the newspaper published a series of announcements by the IDF’s Civil Administration and was threatened by terrorist organizations.

The Regavim Movement told TPS that the Palestinian Authority (PA) systematically promotes illegal Arab construction in areas under Israeli control with the objective of taking control of them, and in this case, areas in which the IDF trains, especially in southern Mount Hebron.

As part of its petition to the court against the illegal construction, Regavim is required to advertise its legal action to the landowners in accordance with the law to allow the litigants to oppose the land confiscation and appear before a court.


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