Rapid COVID testing centers to open across Israel on Sunday

Science and Health
Some 120 rapid coronavirus antigen testing complexes will open across Israel on Sunday as part of the Health Ministry’s reinstated Green Pass program. 
The complexes will be operated by Magen David Adom at their stations or other major centers nationwide. MDA is expected to perform tens of thousands of rapid tests every day, providing results within 15 minutes at an accuracy level of between 85% and 95%.
“We understand that the coronavirus will not disappear soon,” said Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz. “Along with the vaccines, the quick tests will enable safer management of life in Israel over time.”
The rapid tests are intended for anyone who requires a negative test result to enter a Green Pass establishment or event, meaning someone who is not vaccinated either by choice or because he or she is not eligible for the shot. The test results will be updated in the Green Pass systems of the Health Ministry and the health funds.
On Sunday, the Green Pass program will be expanded to include events, activities or specific locations regardless of how many people are in attendance. Previously, the Green Pass only applied to events of 100 people or more.
The list of places that will require a Green Pass includes cultural and sporting events, hotels, gyms and workout studios, restaurants, bars, cafes and cafeterias and conferences. Synagogues with more than 50 prayer-goers will also be required to adhere to the Green Pass rules. 
Children under 12 do not need to show a negative test until August 20 for these events.
MDA explained that people who want to take a rapid test should call *3101 and be given an appointment through an automated voice messaging system or via a link in a text message. 
As per Health Ministry guidelines, there will be a fee for the tests. A spokesperson for MDA told The Jerusalem Post that the cost is expected to be NIS 52.
If a person tests positive, he or she is required to enter isolation and perform a PCR test to confirm the rapid test results. 
“The rapid tests are intended to support the Green Pass program only,” Dr. Rafael Strugo, MDA deputy director-general of medicine stressed. “These tests are not intended to diagnose coronavirus for people with symptoms.”