Report: Israeli Intelligence Assisted in Soleimani’s Elimination


Photo Credit: Erfan Kouchari / Tasnim News Agency

Iran’s IRGC Quds Force Major-General Qassem Soleimani at the International Day of Mosque, 20 August 2017

Israeli intelligence helped the United States in eliminating Qasem Soleimani, according to a report on NBC news.

Iraqi officials are currently investigating a number of Baghdad and Damascus airport employees they suspect of collaborating with the US military and informing them of Soleimani’s exact location, according to Reuters.


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Among those being investigated are 2 employees of Syria’s Cham Wings Airlines, which is the airline Soleimani used to fly to Iraq, and two Baghdad airport security employees from the airport’s Facility Protection Service.

Iraq’s National Security agency say they have indications of a “network of spies” at the Baghdad airport.

One of the Cham Wings employees was on the plane, and the other was at Damascus airport. The employee in Damascus informed the US that Soleimani was on his way, while the Baghdad airport employees confirmed his arrival.

Soleimani and his men were not listed on the passenger manifesto of Cham Wings Airlines flight.

Once Soleimani exited the plane, an Airbus 320, and entered his sedan and drove away from the plane, the US further confirmed their identities via their cellphones, tracking him with three drones. Once his identity was satisfactorily confirmed, the US drones fired four Hellfire missiles at Soleimani’s car and at the minivan transporting his entourage.

The NBC report states that “Intelligence from Israel helped confirm the details.”

There are other unconfirmed reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu knew about the planned attack on Soleimani in advance.


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