Rolling Stone Accuses Israel IDF of Using Female Soldiers as “Thirst Traps”


Rolling Stone Accuses Israel IDF of Using Female Soldiers as “Thirst Traps”

A thirst trap is a type of social media post intended to entice viewers sexually

Hot IDF Girls — Instagram Post

Did the Israeli Defense Forces use hot female soldiers as a propaganda tool during the social media war which ran concurrent with the recent fighting in Gaza? The almost forgotten rock magazine Rolling Stone, which should probably stick to music, seems to think so. It has accused Israel of using its women soldiers as “Thirst Traps” on social media.

A thirst trap is a type of social media post intended to entice viewers sexually. It refers to a user’s “thirst” for sex. It is a staple of advertising, using tempting pics to entice people to open a link or watch a TV commercial through to the end.

Is this a sexist thing for Rolling Stone to say? Is it simply anti-Israel propaganda? Or is it both? The magazine seems to think that Israeli soldiers were used by the IDF as sex objects in a calculated social media campaign.

EJ Dickson wrote in a Rolling Stone story, “The various social media accounts associated with the IDF have long traded in thirst traps, sometimes to absurdist effect. After citing one instance of a specific IDF Tweet of a woman soldier, she then said that the IDF, “has also been more explicit about using attractive young women to bolster its social media image and, in turn, foster sympathies abroad.”

Huh? Someone using good looking people to promote their product or country? Who ever heard of such a thing?

The main object of Dickson’s Ire seems to be Natalia Fadeev, an Israeli army reservist with more than a million followers on TikTok.

The author went on to lament that, “All of these thirst traps can create a disorienting experience for a young, horny, American progressive with pro-Palestinian sympathies – which, of course, is exactly the point.” Yes, of course, it’s just that simple! Israel has figured out that by brandishing hot chicks on Instagram and TikTok it can easily brainwash young college age American boys who may otherwise be inclined to sympathize with terrorist groups like Hamas. There is obviously no substitute than pic of chicks in bikinis with guns to convince a young man of the veracity of your position.

She even goes so far as to quote an insignificant doctoral student who just so happens to be studying in Israel right now as saying, “Israel is such a militaristic society, so there’s broader support for that kind of media, whereas in the U.S. things like [soldier dancing videos] don’t go viral in the same way.”

Natalia Fadeev Instagram

Ms. Dickson is clearly a serious journalist, though. On LinkedIn she describes herself as, “a senior writer at Rolling Stone based in New York City who primarily covers sex, drugs, and internet culture.” This, of course, makes Dickson an expert on world affairs and terrorism.

She recently contributed to Rolling Stone such socially important and groundbreaking journalistic pieces as, “Who Is Courtney Revolution? The ‘Villain’ of Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ Speaks Out,” “Bennifer 2.0 Is a Blast From the Past in the Worst Way Possible,” and “How Millennials Became Cheugy.”

She quotes authorities such as Duke University associate professor Rebecca Stein whose expertise on the matter includes having once written a book which exposed such documented Israeli crimes a “Zionist conspiracy theorists accusing Palestinians of ‘playing dead.’” Stein clearly has no political agenda against Israel, otherwise she would not have described the Palestinians as fighting against a “colonial” presence.


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So maybe Israelis should be a little ashamed of such a blatant exploitation of women’s sexuality? Maybe women should never post such pictures on social media? Maybe even the so called influencers who are only famous for prancing around half naked in public like Bella Hadid should be banned from ever using their social media accounts as a platform for political statements? Maybe the nations of the world should band together and enact some sort of new Geneva Convention prohibiting the use of sexy women in propaganda campaigns during wartime?

But on second thought… NAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Hopefully you were able to read this entire article without being distracted by all the pictures of hot women in the IDF. If so, here’s another one as a reward:

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