Saved By A Cop Stop


Photo Credit: Jewish Press

I don’t look back happily at the day I began working with Ryan.

Our working relationship was complicated from the start. Ryan promised things, but didn’t deliver. He rarely stuck to schedule, often arriving on the construction site only after numerous coaxing calls. Every step needed extra prodding, begging, and convincing. If he weren’t such an outstanding specialist in his field, I would have long since considered forking the work over to someone else.


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How Ryan came to owe me $20,000 is another story. With his track record, I should never have let that come to be.

“By next month, for sure, you’ll have the entire thing,” Ryan promised. But “next month” became the next month and the next. It was already nearly a year, and I nearly despaired of ever seeing the money. I kept trying to recover it, calling him periodically.

One Monday afternoon in mid-June, Ryan called and said, “I’ve got $5,000 ready for you. Come get it now, because soon I might not have it anymore.” I took Ryan’s address, about a 25-minute drive from my home, and got into my car right away.

Feeling the adrenaline course through my veins, I made a go for it. I was well above the speed limit on the highway. I must make it in time, I muttered to myself again and again as I gripped the steering wheel. But there it was, flashing me over to the roadside – blue police lights.

The cop came over to my window, a grim expression on his face. “You must understand!” I cried, “I’m in a massive rush! You see, there’s this guy who’s owed me money for ages… He just called – I need to get there before the money’s gone!” I was desperate.

“I’m not interested in your stories!” the policeman retorted. “There are lives on the line. Safety on the road is important.”

Why did this have to happen to me now?! I thought glumly. I don’t remember the last time I got a ticket. To be stopped just now, when time is of the essence – this is so upsetting!

I decided to try pleading my case. ““Look, it’s only five minutes to my creditor’s home. And I’m really in a rush,” I said, putting my forefinger on my watch for emphasis. “Let me go get my money and then we can continue.” The officer chuckled. “I won’t sit around waiting here!”

Then I noticed something soften in the cop’s eyes. He lowered his voice. “Y’know what? If it is really just a five-minute drive, I’ll come along with you. We’ll sort out the ticket.”

Amazed at the cop’s bizarre acquiescence, I continued to Ryan’s home, the cop following directly behind me. I think he was just curious to see if my story was true. I knocked on Ryan’s door. He opened and stifled a shriek. It was out of character for my tough acquaintance. But then I noticed what he was seeing – over my shoulder stood my uniformed companion.

Within moments, Ryan was back with $20,000 in his hands.

Timing: Sometimes it makes all the difference. In this case, what seemed to be coming at so inopportune a time was really hashgachah kicking in, just in time.

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