Shifa hospital disgraces the medical profession – opinion

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The IDF spokesperson revealed shocking findings this week regarding Shifa Hospital, further exposing its involvement in terrorist activities.

This connection between the hospital and Hamas has been previously proven, but sadly, it received little attention from the world and even the United Nations, despite their active presence in the Gaza Strip and its hospitals. 

Concrete evidence now confirms that on October 7, the vehicles of murderers left and returned to Shifa Hospital. Innocent hostages were brought in through its main entrance, right in front of the reception desk, and hidden in the dark corridors beneath the hospital.

It is within these walls that the late soldier Noa Marciano was brutally murdered. As the IDF continues to uncover more dark secrets and hidden spaces within the hospital, we can only anticipate more shocking atrocities. 

Disturbingly, the hospital management and employees continue to deny these evil corridors and structures, despite their exposure to the public. International organizations, in an attempt to discredit the IDF’s findings, accuse Israel of presenting unreliable evidence that implicates the hospital as a Hamas headquarters and a hub for crimes against humanity. 

An IDF soldier secures a tunnel underneath Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, amid the ongoing ground operation of the Israeli army against Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in the northern Gaza Strip, November 22, 2023. (credit: RONEN ZVULUN/REUTERS)

What has the United Nations done?

Since the ground operations began, it is evident that UN institutions have been condemning the army’s activities in the “medical institutions” of the Gaza Strip. This raises questions about their true intentions. 

With the rapid revelation of the findings at Shifa Hospital, it is unlikely that the extensive infrastructures and activities could have gone unnoticed by the UN offices in the US and Europe, who provide financial support to these hospitals.


Those who preach morality and demand that we adhere to the laws of war and universal standards remained silent about the moral deficiencies, law-breaking, and betrayal of medical ethics by the staff at Shifa Hospital.

The strong condemnation from UN representatives and the media towards the IDF’s actions in hospitals can only be attributed to their fear of exposure. The senior managers in the UN offices, who are connected to these institutions, are likely complicit in Hamas’ crimes against humanity.

Their outcry against the IDF’s actions, labeling them as war crimes, serves to divert attention from their own support for Hamas activities and their willful blindness to the atrocities happening within Gaza’s medical institutions.

It is imperative that the world acknowledges and condemns the disgraceful actions of the doctors at Shifa Hospital and holds them accountable for violating their oath and tarnishing the medical profession.

The silence from UN organizations only perpetuates this injustice, and it is crucial that they address these crimes with the seriousness they deserve.