Soroka suspends nurse asking to report ‘terror supporters’ among staff

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Raz Shapira, a nurse at Soroka Medical Center, was suspended from her post at the hospital after she published posts on social networks in which she called for the reporting of medical staff members in Israel who expressed support of the October 7 massacre. 

“We must deal with the supporters of terrorism here,” she wrote. 

In another post, she said, “It is time to expose names; the time for silence is over. Anyone endorsing the Holocaust we are going through – send me their details, I’ll handle it.”

Shapira also wrote that after her original posts, she received many messages, adding, “It is time for a deep cleaning.” Subsequently, she was suspended from her job.

The nurse had come across an old post by a fellow Arab doctor at the beginning of the conflict, allegedly implying that “they won’t be without their lands for long.” This led to an argument between them.

MK Almog Cohen from Otzma Yehudit expressed support for Shapira.

“We do not accept her suspension,” he said. “We stand with you, dear Raz. Israel’s people are proud of you.”


No evidence to support Shapira’s claims

Responding to the incident, the Soroka Medical Center issued a statement condemning any expression of support for Hamas or incitement and reaffirming their commitment to addressing complaints seriously. The hospital also requested that Shapira provide evidence regarding her claims of Hamas-supporting staff, which she has yet to submit.

“We strongly reject the claims that statements in support of Hamas were brought to the hospital management’s attention and were ‘not addressed,'” Soroka wrote.  

“Instead of contacting the medical center’s management with concrete complaints, the nurse continues to post messages on social media that offend a dedicated group of employees,” the statement added. “We will not allow trials on social media at our hospital.”