Spring is here but you’re not happy: Here’s how you can change that

Science and Health

Spring is here and everything is blooming, the sun is shining until late in the day, but this year, it seems that we’re lacking the same happiness throughout Israel.

In order to achieve a happier mindset, we found these treatments that will make you feel better from the inside out.

Reflexology and happiness

One thing that can improve your happiness level is a foot massage. Studies show that the body releases more endorphins, hormones that promote happiness, after a good reflexology massage. It is worth remembering that any beneficial contact, in which both parties are interested, can improve cortisol levels and blood pressure and even increase the release of oxytocin and endorphins and improve our level of happiness. 

Want to improve the happiness of your loved ones? Have them lie comfortably on their backs and sit in front of them. Hold their heels firmly – this simulates a feeling of being hugged. 

Holistic medical massage and a sense of happiness 

THE GUERLAIN SPA, named for the French-style luxury brand of cosmetics, oils and wellness massage treatments. (credit: AMIT GIRON)

Just saying the word “massage” brings a smile to people’s faces and makes them relax a little. One of the most common birthday gifts is ordering a massage, which is considered the most pampering. 

Humans love sociality and community, and touching is a very central way to convey messages of affection, trust and love. The person touched feels loved and safe, and thus the touch becomes a very central and positive two-way interaction. But how can the touch of a massage, like the holistic medical massage, often given by a therapist we usually don’t know at all, produce a feeling of happiness?

The reason why touch brings people together and makes them feel relaxed is that the need for touch is coded in our DNA and the human body is built in a way that encourages touch – under the surface of our skin and in certain parts of our muscles, there are designated receptors whose job it is to sense pressures, stretches and touches of all kinds, and transmit them to the brain.

As soon as the brain receives a signal about a touch that is good for the body, such as a soft and slow caress on the skin or a good stretch/squeeze on a contracted or overly tense muscle, it releases hormones into the blood system (such as endorphins and oxytocin) that cause a good feeling, in order to encourage it to continue.

Touch is a powerful tool, and its use is very intuitive (parents and children, spouses, friends, etc.) and you don’t need to be an expert in anatomy or biology to help those you love feel good. But what about when the person treating you is an expert in anatomy and biology, knows your muscles and doesn’t tend to get tired after 5 minutes, and also knows countless movements, presses and stretches that will activate all your touch receptors?

This will cause your brain to release a storm of endorphins and oxytocin into the blood then the feeling of happiness can skyrocket. This is exactly what will happen after getting professional treatment from a qualified and professional holistic medical massage therapist.