Suffering from laziness? This is how to overcome it and improve your life

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Why do something tomorrow that you can do today? The Japanese word “Kaizen” means to “change your life for the better.” According to the Times of India, the Japanese cultural concept can be applied as a way to overcome laziness. 

The philosophy focuses on the continued improvement that aims to make small changes that can lead to a significant difference over time.

By adopting this approach, people will be able to break free of the cycle of laziness and develop productive thoughts and a high level of self-discipline.

Acknowledging laziness: The first step to overcoming laziness

The first step to overcome laziness is to recognize it and learn about your own habits. You can focus on behavior, routine and thinking patterns to understand in which areas you tend to be lazy.

The one-minute principle

The one-minute principle is a powerful technique that can help a person overcome laziness.

A man working from home works on his laptop from bed. (credit: MICRO BIZ MAG/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

A person should aim to commit to spending just one-minute on a task that they have been avoiding. Often, the hardest part of a task is getting started so once a person starts, it is easier to continue a task and even finish it.

Establish a regular routine

Establishing a regular routine can help you overcome your laziness.

Determining specific times for work, exercise, relaxation and other activities can help to instil self-discipline and reduce procrastination of tasks.

The Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is accredited with improving time management skills, which leads to increased productivity.

This technique dictates that tasks should be divided into 25 minute sections with breaks in-between called ‘Pomodoros.’ The breaks should be short.

This method can help maintain attentiveness to the task and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

The term “Kaizen” emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals and breaking down large tasks into manageable steps. By focusing on smaller goals, the feeling of being overwhelmed can be largely avoided.

Self-discipline to control laziness 

Laziness can often stem from a lack of self-discipline. This is why it is important to train yourself to avoid giving in to the temptations of procrastination and distractions. 

This can be achieved through setting deadlines, and prioritizing tasks that will increase focus and discipline.

Celebrate achievements – even if they are small

Celebrating and rewarding yourself for progress along the way can help to reinforce the positive behavior. This can motivate you to continue the path and beat laziness. 

Adopt a “growth” mindset

When a person focuses their thinking on “growing,” learning and improving, instead of being discouraged by obstacles they see, tasks can be seen as an opportunity to rise higher.

Adopting the idea that personal development is a lifelong journey, can help to continue your personal journey and thus you invite progress and prosperity into your life.