This coin could be worth 300 times its value


Rare coins and bills can fetch a hefty sum, especially if their minting is uncommon.

Some 50 pence coins are sold for over $200, while rare £20 notes can be worth over $100.

How much are we talking?

A coin-collecting expert on TikTok, @coincollectorukofficial, shared how a single £10 coin could be valued at 300 times its face value. The Alphabet Angel of The North £10-cent, according to the user, is sold for around $35, but can also be found on eBay for $15.

In one of his latest videos, the collector explained that if you have a 2019 Alphabet Angel £10 coin, collectors are highly interested in it. Although its face value is just 10 cents, you can sell it for tens of dollars.”

ChangeChecker reported that 304,000 of these £10 coins were released into general circulation between 2018 and 2019. They are part of the UK A-Z collection and are the first commemorative 10-cent coins ever issued. The design features the iconic Angel of the North, situated on the A1 near Gateshead in North East England.

If you happen to find one of these coins, you can sell it on eBay by registering and opening an account. Ensure you have high-quality photos and accurately describe the condition of the coin in your listing.