This sleeping position could be damaging your neck and back

Science and Health

Not all sleeping positions are created equal when it comes to the body feeling healthy and well-rested.

According to James Leinhardt, an expert on sleeping positions who published his opinion on the British Metro website, one sleeping position, in particular, will leave you sore and tired in the morning.

In a video shared on TikTok, Leinhardt declared that sleeping on your stomach with your arms outstretched on your pillow above your head is like a car wreck for your body, and urged people to find a different position while they sleep.

He explained that the position resulted in people twisting their necks and raising their heads in a way that fights all the natural curves of the spine.

Demonstrating vertebral compression 

In the video, which has garnered more than 55 million views, Leinhardt used a plastic skeleton to demonstrate how vertebrae are compressed when sleeping this way.


“You get neck pain and back pain from it,” he stated and added that people still sleep this way every night.

Although some people claimed it was the most comfortable position to sleep in, Leinhardt countered that it may have long-term consequences.

Lienhardt said that people think sleeping this way is more comfortable because it’s what they’re used to.

As an alternative, he said pillow placement is essential for good sleep, and suggested having one pillow to rest your head on as well as a pillow between your legs, which he said supports and stabilizes the hips, leading to better body posture.