Unconventional bed-swapping habit sparks Internet buzz

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Angelina Murphy, an active TikTok personality from California and known for her content on @renovatingourhome, has stirred up online conversations by revealing the unique sleeping arrangement she shares with her husband. Their habit involves regularly switching sides of the bed – a concept that has garnered both curiosity and surprise among viewers, with many questioning whether they could ever adapt to such a routine.

Murphy candidly discusses the unconventional practice in a video that has now amassed over a million views. She and her husband, Skylar, alternate between sleeping on the right and left sides of the bed, opting not to adhere to a fixed sleeping arrangement.

@renovatingourhome Okay I really need to know if we are alone in this— do you randomly pick which side of the bed you are going to sleep on or do you sleep on the same side every single night? #bedroom #sleeptok ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song – julie on the internet

Astonishment or humor?

Murphy asks her audience, “Do you guys randomly choose which side of the bed you sleep on?”

While she typically shares home design tips that receive positive feedback, this particular revelation triggers a mixed response. Some viewers express astonishment at the couple’s approach, while others find humor in the situation.

Murphy reveals, “We don’t have a designated side of the bed. We randomly choose where to sleep without discussing it.”

Sleep (illustrative) (credit: PEXELS)

Elaborating further in the video, Murphy explains her sleeping pattern on the right side one night and then switching to the left for consecutive nights. She highlights that reactions from people she’s shared this habit with have ranged from amusement to disbelief, deeming it “the craziest thing they’ve ever heard.”

What did fans think?

Eager to connect with her viewers and hoping for positive reinforcement, Murphy shared her unique bedtime practice on TikTok. However, the response was only partially what she anticipated. Some comments reflect doubt, with one viewer stating, “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.” 

Another commenter playfully marvels at the couple’s compatibility, writing, “Finding someone who’s okay with this is even more surprising!” Amid the jest, some jest, “I’m single – I still have a designated side.”Curiosity extends to practical matters, such as how couples organize their nightstands. Murphy tackles this query in a follow-up video, revealing that they manage with interchangeable chargers and a collection of miscellaneous items stored in “glorious junk drawers.” 

To address concerns, she clarifies that beauty products are stored in the bathroom without cluttering their bedside space.

@renovatingourhome Replying to @Modernmamma There’s 2000 comments calling us monsters and people even unfollowed us im sorry we dont sleep on the same side of the bed! Hopefully this answers your questions #bedroom #sleeptok #beigeflag #redflag ♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

Reflecting on the unexpected virality of their video, Murphy remarks, “We certainly didn’t anticipate this level of attention, but we find the varied reactions and overall sentiment quite amusing!”

Simultaneously, media coverage highlights a study indicating that unusual sleep patterns can impact relationships. A recent survey underscores that disruptive nighttime behaviors, like incessant phone alerts or disruptive snoring, prompt a significant portion of couples to resort to sleeping separately.