What is healthier? Beef, chicken, or fish? Doctor explains

Science and Health

Which is better for health – chicken, fish, or beef? Dr. Maya Roseman explained: “From a nutritional point of view – there is almost no difference between them. All of them have about 25 grams of protein per hundred grams, a quality protein that is important for building muscles. They all have iron and vitamin B12. The differences are that seafood also has the omega-3 fatty acid that reduces heart disease and inflammation, beef has a little more iron, zinc and vitamin B12 than chicken and fish.”

She then later indicated the values that are less good for a diet:

Beef – entrecote or ribs, have the fattest and most calories. Unlike all the parts such as sirloin, fillet, shoulder 5 (which makes meatballs), or beef breast which contain 150-200 calories per hundred grams, entrecote and ribs due to the high percentage of fat about 300 calories per hundred grams, a 300-gram entrecote steak in restaurants are already almost 1,000 calories without extras.

In chicken – consider an entrecote in the chicken field, it’s precisely the wings that contain a high percentage of fat and small wings can have over 200 calories.

In fish – salmon and mackerel have about twice as many calories as most other fish.

Illustrative image of fish. (credit: PIXABAY)

Why is it that fish is considered better to eat when on a diet?

“Fish is easier to digest and less burdensome after a large meal,” Dr. Roseman said. “On the one hand, this has an advantage, because a heavy and hard-to-digest meal causes fatigue and an increased need for sweets after the meal. On the other hand, what is easy to digest also generally satisfies for a shorter time.”

What are the best quality proteins in our diet?

“The proteins are scored for their biological value, that is, how suitable they are for building the muscles of the human body, in this respect beef – all parts, chicken and fish are scored approximately 80-85 and precisely the best in terms of protein quality – the egg, which received a score of 100. The only competitor of an egg, it’s the whey they use to make the protein powders for athletes.”

What does a vegetarian do?

“Soy and tofu contain proteins, iron and calcium of exactly the same quality as found in dairy products, beef, chicken and fish. The quality of protein in other legumes such as lentils, chickpeas and white beans is also good by less than in soy or animal protein. You should make sure to consume enough of them and also combine cereals that provide protein supplementation (rice, wheat, or bread) sometime during the day and do not have to be eaten together at the same time.”