Yair Netanyahu sued for NIS 1 million by Wexner fellows graduates


The lawsuit is for defamation publications allegedly made by Netanyahu Jr. Among the plaintiffs: former state attorney Moshe Lador and reserve general Noam Tibon

Yair Netanyahu / Twitter

A group of 75 former students of the Wexner Foundation at Harvard University, filed on Tuesday a NIS 1 million (about $250,000) defamation lawsuit against Yair Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son.

Wexner Foundation focuses on the development of Jewish professionals in North America and public leaders in Israel pay their studies through a scholarship. Netanyahu called this group of approximately 500 graduates on Twitter “graduates of the Wexner Foundation! This pedophile cult has taken over the country,” while demanding to ban any of the graduates from serving in Israel’s civil service.

The lawsuit, filed in the Herzliya Magistrate’s Court. Currently, there are six separate defamation and libel lawsuits against Yair Netanyahu totaling NIS 3.14 million against the prime minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu.

הצעת חוק שתפתור 97% מהבעיות הקיומיות של ישראל: בוגר קרן וקסנר של הפדופיל, אינו רשאי לקבל שום תפקיד של עובד ציבור, אשר מקבל את משכורותו ממשלם המסים. לא בבתי המשפט, לא במשטרה, לא בצבא ולא בפרקליטות ולא שום תפקיד פקידותי אחר.

According to the indictment, Netanyahu refused the plaintiffs’ requests to apologize for his remarks.

The list of plaintiffs includes, among others, the head of the Gezer Regional Council, Rotem Yadlin; Reservist General Noam Tibon; Former State Attorney, Moshe Lador; Head of the Misgav Regional Council, Aryeh Raz; And the director of Schneider Medical Center, Dr. Efrat Baron Harlev.

Yair Netanyahu responded through his family’s spokesman Ofer Golan: “Such ridiculous and delusional lawsuits aimed at silencing Yair are not worthy of even a yawn.”

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