You won’t get a good night’s sleep in Tel Aviv, study shows

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Whether you live in the busy Dizengoff Square or are nestled deep in Jaffa, Tel Aviv is not a city to expect to have a good night’s sleep in. The city may be busy but has its moments of calmness – so why is a peaceful night’s sleep unlikely there?

A recent study centered on UK residents and their sleeping schedules revealed the two Welsh cities which are the United Kingdom’s best for a good night’s sleep, Swansea and Cardiff. Additionally, the study identified the best and worst cities across the globe for sleeping through the night.

The study identified cities within the OECD – the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, made up of 38 member countries. Factors included in the ranking process included noise, air, and light pollution levels, in addition to an analysis of crime rates and the ability to lead leisurely lives.

Green spaces, work schedules, and even the ability to safely walk home at night are all factors considered when determining the ability to have a great night’s sleep.

What are the best and worst places to get a good night’s sleep across the globe?

Bern, Switzerland tops the list due to its low air pollution and low crime rate, and was closely followed by Reykjavik, Iceland, noted for its quietness and low light pollution. Unfortunately, though, the bustling city of Tel Aviv did not gain such a rating.

Can’t sleep because of the heat? (illustrative) (credit: PEXELS)

Tel Aviv, Israel received the ranking as the fourth worst international city for a good night’s sleep, following Bogota, Colombia, Santiago, Chile, and Athens, Greece. 

The lack of green spaces within the cities, high levels of crime and pollution, and many other factors cause higher stress in the lives of inhabitants. When you’re stressed, it might be harder to fall asleep and not toss and turn throughout the night.

Residents of Tel Aviv are no strangers to stress, being the location of multiple terror attacks within a matter of months. They also work excessively, leading an October 2022 report to deem Israel as the fifth worst place in the world to work, based on terms of work conditions and benefits.

Tel Aviv also leads Israel’s drug and property crime violations. The Naveh Sha’anan neighborhood in Tel Aviv leads the list with 380 property crime cases, followed by South Rothschild in Tel Aviv with 224 cases. As for drug offenses, Naveh Sha’anan in Tel Aviv is in first place again this year with 141 drug offenses.

So the next time you are feeling sleepy in Tel Aviv, stay awake just a wink longer.