10,000 Guest Satmar NY Wedding Stopped


The Wedding was to be held at Congregation Yetev Lev D’Satmar.

Congregation Yetev Lev D’Satmarwikipedia

The Stamar Hasidic sect continues to flout the laws of the states and cities where they live. In just the latest example the community was forced to cancel a 10,000 guest wedding only after public pressure was applied once the event was revealed.

This news comes after Satmar Leader Mayer Rispler died of Covid-19 just last week at the age of 70.

It comes after Hasidic Jews in New York have attacked fellow Jews reporting on their protests against the Corona Virus restrictions. Orthodox Jewish journalist Jacob Kornbluh was assaulted by Hasidic protesters in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn just two weeks ago.

These actions are really only hurting the Jewish community in New York.

In the Middle Ages Jews were accused of spreading the Black Death. Now many Hasidim really are responsible for spreading Covid-19.

The wedding plans were changed after New York State health commissioner Dr. Howard A. Zucker issued a Section 16 order, an order over public health code violations which can carry a daily fine of $10,000 if violated.

“It was outside of the target red or orange or yellow cluster zone, but the information that our investigation revealed was that upwards of 10,000 individuals were planning to attend,” Beth Garvey, special counsel and senior advisor to the governor told local NY CBS News.

In response to complaints about limiting the size of Jewish wedding Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference, “My suggestion: Have a small wedding this year. Next year, have a big wedding. Invite me, and I’ll come.”

The Satmar group issued a public statement of its own decrying the brouhaha over the wedding. They maintain that the estimates of up to 10,000 guests were incorrect and that the main wedding would only have been open to the immediate family of the couple getting married.
The statement accused people of engaging in “unwarranted attacks” and of “besmirching” their community.

“It’s sad that nobody verified our plans before attacking us. The publicity will turn this wedding to a paparazzi and will draw spectators that may make it impossible to control the crowds to comply with social distancing. It will also deter from the celebratory and spiritual atmosphere fit for such an affair. Hence, we decided that the wedding will not be held as planned.”

So the official explanation for limiting attendance at the wedding is fear that it will be turned into a public spectacle and bring unwanted publicity.

It was not done because of any fears of spreading Covid-19 infections.

Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s Press Secretary Bill Neidhardt. Tried to explain New York City’s Corona Virus policies.

“City Hall is in discussions with the state on issuing the proper guidance. Large gatherings without social distancing and masks are severe public health risks and all guidance will be enforced. We are looking for community cooperation and hope to see all public health guidelines followed,” he said

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