5 Books That Can Help CEOs Improve Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace


5 Books That Can Help CEOs Improve Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace

By Contributing Author

Promoting diversity  in the workplace is imperative to creating a positive company culture, and encouraging inclusivity. Now more than ever business owners should research and experience different cultures, so they can lead by example. Perhaps the most effective mechanism to learn about different backgrounds is by reading stories. Books that have been written about different cultures can reduce prejudice and also challenge dangerous cultural perceptions.

Moreover, if business executives encourage their teams to read books about racial issues and cultural diversity, it can lead to more inclusivity in the workplace. The following are some books that can promote diversity.

Minda Harts wrote the book, and it is designed to enlighten on the experiences women of color encounter in their workplace. Additionally, the book identifies some challenges women of color face in their workplace: wage gap and microaggressions.  It also suggests possible solutions that can be useful in mitigating these challenges.

2. Between the World and Me

Ta-nehisi Coates wrote the book in July 2015, and it expounds on personal narratives and history to explain how race can control the destiny of one’s life. It paints a compelling picture of the experiences of black men in America.

3. Yellow

The book was written in 2003 by Frank H. Wu, in which he discusses the experiences of Asians-Americans. Wu addresses Asian-American stereotypes as a minority group in America. He uses research and personal narratives to identify the typical perception of Asian Americans.

4. So You Want to Talk About Race

If you are looking for a book that sheds light on how the current systems have contributed to racism and oppression in the world today, then this is the book to purchase. Ijeoma Oluo wrote it in 2018, and in it, he attacks some complicated aspects that arise when discussing race. The book addresses issues like typical racist remarks, white privilege, and intersectionality action. As a result, it provides practical advice that people can use when engaging in a racial dialogue.

The book uses recent historical events and their contribution in shaping the American’s public perception of Muslims. Khaled A., the author, addresses controversial topics that are pervasive in America, and he expands on typical experiences of Muslims in America.

The past few years have brought worldwide movements on equality, such as Black Lives Matters. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for business owners to enlighten their workers on important issues of race, social injustice, diversity and inclusion.