Jared Kushner to Write Tell All Book


Jared Kushner to Write Tell All Book

But don’t expect any revelations about Trump.

Jared Kushner, the former first son-in-law, the husband of model Ivanka Trump who has been successful in fashion by trading on her father’s name, and the son of a successful real estate tycoon and convicted felon, plans to write a book about his experience working at the White House.

Kushner brought all of the above experience to his White House job as a senior advisor to the President of the United States. With no previous political experience he and his wife Ivanka managed to do something in their four years as staffers under President Trump. It is not clear, though, what exactly that something was.

So maybe a Jared Kushner book will finally let the world know what he did other than completely bungle America’s response to the Coronavirus crisis. Everyone remembers when he boldly showed the natural leader which Kushner is when he told the press that day that the Federal government would not share its reserve medical equipment with the states. “Those are ours,” Kushner bravely declared.

Or maybe his book will tell us all about how Ivanka used her position to leverage better deals for her personal businesses with foreign governments like China and Russia. Or how she was involved in funneling money for her father’s 2017 inauguration events into Donald Trump businesses. For example, they overpaid for services at the Trump D.C. Hotel.

Well a source told Reuters that the book will deal largely on how Jared Kushner shaped America’s Middle East policies and how he single handedly brought peace between Israel and the Gulf states of the UAE and Baharain.

Apparently the source told Reuters that Kushner is “not looking to settle scores but rather to provide historical context and help readers understand what it was like to work in the Trump White House.” So don’t look for him to dish any dirt on what really happened at the White House on January 6th; what exactly did Donald Trump say and do as his supporters trashed the U.S. Capitol.

“It will be an interesting perspective from someone who had a wide-ranging portfolio, was in the room for many of the most tense and consequential moments but kept a fairly low public profile, staying behind the scenes and granting limited media access,” the source said.

Maybe he will at least let the public know about the real business deals he engaged in over the last four years to enrich himself and his family.

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