5 Gifts for the Bicyclist In Your Life



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Do you need gift ideas for your favorite cyclist? Finding the perfect present can be challenging, especially if that bike enthusiast has lots of specialized gear already. Luckily, lots of brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online retail sites, have great gift options suitable for any occasion, from the best bike seats to new water bottles. If you are looking for something your biking buddy may love, these five ideas can help you with your gift-giving dilemma.

Sensing Safety

Chances are good that most bicyclists have some sort of GPS tracker or phone mount to make them easy to detect if they are off on a trail or out on a country lane. What they may not have is a crash sensor that mounts to a helmet, which is what makes it a perfect gift. A crash senor can send information or alerts as well as GPS coordinates so that the cyclist is easy to find in the event of an emergency. What better way to show someone you care?

Acquiring Accessories

Bicyclists usually travel light when they ride, taking a few essentials such as a small repair kit, water, and snacks to get them through their paces. Perhaps they might like new fenders to keep their keisters clean on a muddy trail or a Bluetooth speaker that rests on the handlebars for sweet tunes. Other fun extras include a handle-mounted bell to announce their presence or bike baskets for cruisers to tote along with a picnic when they reach their destination.

Suiting Style

Bicycling does not require a special wardrobe, but many cyclists prefer riding in jerseys or full kits that wick moisture away from skin. Treat your biking fan to some dapper duds with a fashionable top or socks in bright colors or patterns. Not only will it keep him or her comfy on a long ride, but it will also make him or her more visible in the woods or on the road.

Providing Power

Can you imagine the panic a bicyclist could have if he or she got lost and the phone was not charged? With a solar-powered power bank, your biking pal can be prepared with plenty of backup power to keep the GPS or the music going. Some power banks can even charge several devices, so no matter how long the ride, he or she can stay connected. Look for these chargers in bike shops or wherever you buy an electric bike online.

Curating Collectibles

If you hesitate to buy biking gear, opt instead for some fun, creative bike-themed accents that your cycling friend can use off the saddle. Look for cute coffee mugs, earrings, or artistic prints that speak to your bicyclist’s taste. Other cool finds are items made from recycled bike chains or gears, such as bottle openers, picture frames, bracelets, or clocks. Many of these biking collectibles can be found at craft shows as well as bike shops, so shop around to find something truly unique.

Hopefully, these ideas can get you started as you search for a fabulous gift for the cyclist in your life. You may even stumble across gear that he or she cannot live without. At the very least, your present can show you put thought into picking out something he or she can enjoy along with a passion for bicycling.

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