What to Wear if You Want to Impress on a First Date


By Contributing Author

Going on a first date is up there with some of the most nervous things you can do in life. You want to impress them, you want to look good, feel good, and you want to make that first impression to make a lasting mark. You never know how important this date could be later in life.

One of the best ways to impress is how you dress. What you wear could give you an immediate edge and help you feel confident, and these tips can help you dress for success.

Compression shirts

Whether it’s to slim your figure, or to help cover up a self-confidence issue, a compression shirt is a good way to make your appearance pop without it even being noticed. Compression shirts work to keep everything looking slimmed down under your shirt and help with your confidence, and the folks at Confidence Bodywear reveal the potential they have for men. Certain conditions like gynecomastia can be made less apparent through using a compression shirt under your regular wear, and can serve as a comfortable undershirt while out on a date.

Dress shoes or heels

For men and women, a great way to make a statement is through their shoes. You can wear a rather plain button up or blouse, average dress pants or a sundress, but a nice pair of shoes can really turn heads. Statement pieces are used to accent features, and shoes are a great way to take eyes off any part of your outfit that might be lacking. Wingtips, brogues, strappy heels, pumps – there’s an endless number of shoes that can be worn that match other parts of the outfit, draw the eyes, and even enhance profile like height or physical features.

Watches and jewelry

Again, you want to make a little bit of a statement to catch their eyes, but not too much that you appear flashy. Watches are highly recommended to wear on a date, the same as jewelry for women. You can find some subtle timepieces to complement an outfit, and leather straps with a gold or silver rimmed face is a timeless classic. Women’s jewelry ranges so much that it’s hard to go wrong, unless it’s a massive necklace. Some sterling silver or a nice bracelet is a good start, as are simple dangly earrings for a little extra pop.

Neutral and dark tone clothes

Slimming colors are often darker or neutral. Burgundy, navy, black, dark brown, etc. are colors that carry a sophisticated look and won’t clash with other colors most of the time. This applies to belts, pants, sport coats or blazers, and can tie together your entire look, allowing for you to focus less on how you look, and more on how you and your date are hitting it off.

First dates can be stressful. We’ve all been there and understand how important it is to pick out the right outfit for that first meet-up. With these tips, you can be sure that at least some stress on the date is relieved.

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