7 Delicious Gifts to Send For Rosh Hashanah This Year

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It’s another tricky year for Jewish holidays. Some families will feel comfortable to gather, while others will not for a variety of health and travel reasons. If you won’t be able to be together, bridge the distance by sending a delicious gift to your loved ones. Here are a few sweet gifts we love.

Cinnamon Almond & Challah Scented Candle

If you’re not already ordering this candle, and the Manischewitz scent, too, are you OK?! This cute company also sells pomegranate, Macintosh apple and honey scented candles. Order online from Etsy.

Bee Harmony Honey Sampler

Many families have started a Rosh Hashanah tradition of honey tasting and, with so many varieties to choose from, why not? Try this three pack of floral honey samplers from Bee Harmony. Order online from Amazon.

Marble Apple-Shaped Honey Dish

You can’t have honey at Rosh Hashanah without a beautiful serving dish. We love this simple marble and gold trimmed apple-shaped honey dish. Order online from Amazon.

Date Lady Date Syrup

Dates are also considered a symbolic food for the Jewish New Year. So instead of apples and honey, try sending some date honey, or silan. It’s delicious and vegan-friendly! While you’re ordering some Date Lady date syrup, order some fancy dates for snacking too; its the perfect all-natural sweet treat for the new year. Order online from The Date Lady.

Breads Bakery Apple Babka

Photo credit Breads Bakery

Sure, Breads Bakery is know for their signature chocolate babka. But they also carry a delectable apple babka, honey cake, marzipan honey and a variety of other Rosh Hashanah-perfect goods. Order online from Breads Bakery.

Chocolate Apple Lollipops from OhNuts

I’m a sucker for, well, a cute sucker like these chocolate lollipops that look like apples. OhNuts also has a variety of other delicious kosher foods to send for Rosh Hashanah like honey sticks, honey dippers, Rosh Hashanah-themed cookies and mini honey cakes. Order online from OhNuts.com.

Pomegranate Dish Towel

You can use this cute and absorbent dishtowel all year. But of course it’s especially festive (and sweet) during the high holidays. Order online from Amazon.

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