Ahead of Independence Day, Israeli population now at 9.2 million


Israel’s population grew by 171,000 people over the past year, and is expected to pass 15 million when Israel turns 100 in 2048; 74% are Jews, 21% Arabs

Ahead of Independence Day on Tuesday, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)said Sunday that Israel’s population has reached nearly 9.2 million.

The number of Jews, 6.8 million, (74%). Among them, 78% are native-born, while 3.3 million people have immigrated to the country. Over the past 2 years, 32,000 new migrants arrived in Israel.

The Arab population is approximately 1.93 million (21%); Non-Arab Christians, minority religions, and people listed as non-religious 454,000 people (%5).

The number does not include other 164,000 foreign workers living in Israel.

According to the annual report, Israel’s population has grown by 171,000 people since the same time last year and is expected to reach 11.1 million in 2030. The CBS forecasts when Israel turns 100, by 2048, its population is expected to reach 15.2 million.

Since last Independence Day, 180,000 babies have been born, and 44,000 people passed away.

36.1% of the population is below 19-years age, 31.6% are between the ages of 20-49 and 25.1% are over the age of 50, with 0.6% over the age of 90.

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