AMIT Children launches critical campaign to help the children of Sderot, Israel, begin to heal


In direct response to the Hamas terrorist attacks, AMIT launches “Help Heal the Children of Sderot,” a relief campaign aimed to support one of the central communities AMIT has served for more than 40 years. This emergency initiative focuses on the epicenter of the recent attacks and is an urgent call to support Sderot’s children in their greatest time of need.

The southern city of Sderot and its children have suffered unimaginable psychological trauma. AMIT is committing to providing immediate, free counseling and PTSD therapy to the 4,333 AMIT children and educators who reside in Sderot.

AMIT is the major provider of education to Sderot. AMIT’s 257 educators in the area and in-school teams have established bonds with each of the students and families, which makes them uniquely qualified to provide individualized support. AMIT is partnering with PTSD experts at the Arbel Institute and other top mental health service organizations to carry out this critical mission.

On Friday, October 13, the Israeli government determined that all Sderot must be evacuated with a significant number of residents moving to temporary housing in the Dead Sea region. As AMIT is responsible for the education of all students in Sderot, our educational staff are working directly with many partners to help provide in-person educational programming and structure in the area for the evacuee students. AMIT continues to adapt and meet our children’s needs, wherever they are, as new scenarios arise in Israel.

Responding to the crisis, AMIT initiated the “Heal the Children of Sderot, Israel” campaign, focusing on providing early intervention and intensive therapy to those impacted. Child studies show that the first 30-45 days after a trauma is a critical time to get counseling, so AMIT understood the urgency in getting this effort underway. The campaign is designed for people looking for a way to directly support those impacted and to bring people from all over the world together to help Israel heal.

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“As a central part of the Sderot community, AMIT has critical work and a difficult path ahead. Our kids, their families, and our AMIT staff have suffered unimaginable psychological trauma and early intervention is the only hope to change the course of their lives,” says Shari Safra, President of AMIT. “This is our community; these are our children. It is important they know they are not alone, and that AMIT will be there to support them as long as it takes to recover.”

The town of Sderot is located just over a half a mile from the Gaza border and has been a constant target and under attack for decades. 12,000 rockets have been launched at Sderot since 2000. Sderot suffered tremendous loss in the recent Hamas attacks.

Founded in 1925, AMIT serves 40,000 students annually across 87 schools in 29 cities throughout Israel. AMIT welcomes all children, helping them realize their potential while strengthening Israeli society through education. This nurturing takes place within a framework of innovation, academic excellence, and Jewish values. For more information, visit

One hundred percent of all donations go directly to Israel and will bring the children of Sderot and Israel a step closer to healing, recovery, and renewed hope. Donate today, at

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