Apartment Lottery: Where’s the best shot to win?


The Construction and Housing Ministry announced today the opening of registration for the sixth discount apartment lottery, which will run until Wednesday, February 7, 2024. Eligibility confirmation can be obtained until January 22, 2024.

Approximately 120,000 people registered with the ministry are eligible to participate in the lottery. The 6,816 apartments in 72 projects are spread across 16 cities, including Rehovot, Elad, Ashkelon, Jerusalem, Modi’in, and Petah Tikva.

The city with the highest chance of winning a discounted apartment is Kiryat Gat, with 2,666 housing units available in 21 lotteries. The ministry states that the new residential neighborhood being constructed there, called “Kermi Gat,” will include projects intended for both the general and ultra-Orthodox sectors.

Following Kiryat Gat, the city of Elad has the second most apartments available, with 931 units in 9 lotteries. There is a noticeable gap in the number of apartments for the remaining cities. Rehovot offers 622 discounted apartments in 7 lotteries, while the settlement of Bnei Aish near Gedera has 556 apartments in 6 lotteries. Petah Tikva and Modi’in have 154 and 187 apartments respectively.

To be eligible for registration, individuals must not own an apartment and must have a valid certificate of eligibility. As in previous lotteries, eligible participants can register for up to three cities and all the lotteries within those cities. The registration date within the given registration period does not impact the chances of winning. Lottery results are expected to be announced in March.

Carmei Gat neighborhood, Kiryat Gat (credit: Ela Meirovitch)

A certificate of eligibility must be obtained to register for the lotteries. It can be obtained online through the program’s website. If necessary, remote registration can be done using online forms or through the housing assistance registration companies’ service centers. The deadline for obtaining a certificate of eligibility is Monday, January 22, after which no certificates will be issued until the lottery registration closes.

Yitzhak Goldknopf, Minister of Construction and Housing, stated, “Even during these difficult times, the ministry… believes in the continuous development of our country. Thousands of families will have the opportunity to purchase discounted apartments and build their homes in Israel. In this lottery, priority will be given to active reservists and families of disabled children.

“Good luck to all participants in the lotteries,” he said. “We will continue to work towards providing suitable housing solutions for all citizens of Israel.”

Yaakov Quint, director of the Israel Land Authority, added, “In the final days of 2023, we are launching another lottery for the “discounted apartment” program, benefiting approximately 7,000 additional families and young individuals. This program will provide them with significant discounts, making their dream of owning a home in Israel a reality.

“Despite the challenges, the Israel Lands Authority has increased the supply of residential land by tens of thousands of housing units this year, contributing to the declining housing prices trend,” he said.

For registration companies:

– Alonis (Mgroup notebook): 2850*

– Milgam: 6078*

– Amidar: 6266*

A certificate for “discount apartment” programs costs NIS 240. It takes up to 10 days to issue, and is valid for one year. No need for renewal if valid.