Aqua Security Is Israel’s Latest Unicorn


Aqua Security Is Israel’s Latest Unicorn

A unicorn is a new company with a $billion plus valuation.

Aqua Security Founders Amir Jerbi and Dror Davidoff
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Israeli startup Aqua Security now has a $1 billion valuation, making it the latest unicorn firm in Startup Nation. The company reached this milestone with a $135 million Series E funding round led by ION Crossover Partners.

Aqua Security is now the fifth Israeli company to achieve unicorn status this year alone after Papaya Global, Wiz, Axionus, and Melio.

Founded in 2015 by Amir Jerbi and Dror Davidoff, Aqua Security boasts that it is the largest “pure-play” cloud native security company, providing customers the freedom to innovate and run their businesses with minimal friction. Its Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform provides prevention, detection, and response automation across the entire application lifecycle to secure the build, secure cloud infrastructure and secure running workloads wherever they are deployed.

Everything is going into the cloud these days. Do you use Google Docs, or any of the other Google services? Well then all of your files are stored in servers located around the world. The same thing is also now true with MS Office which offers customers cloud based software services. Notebook computers have always had a limited storage capacity. And more and more people are switching to tablets which do not offer the same services as a computer. So cloud services will soon be standard.

The same holds true for major corporations. Globalization has led to more decentralized workforces. People not only work on the same projects from separate locations, but many are always on the go. This has led to a need for more online storage capabilities. So data gets stored on the cloud instead of at the company’s offices.

All of this has made the need for cloud based security ever more important.

Aqua scans artifacts for vulnerabilities, malware, secrets and other risks during development and staging. It allows you to set flexible, dynamic policies to control deployment into your runtime environments. It promises to protect applications from development to production, across VMs, containers, and serverless workloads, up and down the stack.

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“I am proud of what the Aqua team has accomplished in five short years,” said Dror Davidoff, CEO and co-founder of Aqua Security. “We delivered on our vision and have a clear direction forward to provide the best platform for cloud native security. We’ve shown that our research and development teams are ahead of the market with the launch of innovative products such as Aqua DTA, our new Kubernetes Security Posture Management, and the Aqua CSPM solution. As attacks targeting cloud native applications are now a fast-growing threat, we are here to empower our customers to protect their investment and secure their future in the cloud.”

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