Bar-Ilan University Records 12% Increase in Students for 2019-20


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As the 2019-20 academic year gets underway on Sunday, October 27, Bar-Ilan University will see a 12% increase in first-year students compared to the same period last year. Sixty percent of the new students are women; 40% men.

Among the faculties recording the most significant increase in students this year: Exact Sciences (18%), Life Sciences (16%), Social Sciences (15%), and Humanities (20%).


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For the past year Bar-Ilan has embarked upon a plan to further develop and strengthening the University and its various departments by investing in research, teaching infrastructure, and the launch of new academic programs and study tracks.  This effort is already bearing fruit with a significant increase in the number of students interested in studying at the University. 

“The data reflect the success of the strategic plan we have launched.  Bar-Ilan University is becoming attractive to a growing number of young students,” says University President Prof. Arie Zaban. “This year we are proud to welcome 13 returning scientists from universities abroad, who chose to establish their research labs at Bar-Ilan University, and will join our Faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Exact Sciences,” added Zaban.

Eighteen new degree programs are being offered this year, including:

● Master’s in Gerontology combining life and social sciences

● Bachelor’s combining chemistry and pharmacy studies

● Bachelor’s in Physics in cooperation with China’s Shandong University

● Master’s in Wellness offered by the Churgin School of Education

● Master’s in Theater

● Master’s in Art Therapy

● Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management

● Master’s in (Hebrew) Creative Writing

● Multidisciplinary degree with a focus on Real Estate

 Shlomo Zohar CPA, Chairman of the Council of Trustees, praised University administration for its efforts and expressed hope that continued implementation of its strategic plan would form a basis for reinforcing the University’s position as a leading academic institution


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