Barbra Streisand Slams Trump, Backs Andrew Cuomo


Oscar winner Barbra Streisand really hates president Trump.

Barbra Streisand, the two time Oscar winning singer and actress, introduced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a virtual event to promote his new book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The event was held at New York’s Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center where Governor Cuomo and director/producer Perri Peltz answered wuestions.

The book by Andrew Cuomo tells the story of how New York State dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Babs, as she’s called, is no fan of President Donald Trumps’ and blames him for the Corona Virus disaster America now faces.

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Speaking by video feed, Barbra Streisand said, “Although I have lived in California for many years, I have always considered myself a New Yorker. No one can ever take all of the Brooklyn out of me.”

Streisand took the opportunity to praise Andrew Cuomo and slam President Trump for their individual handlings of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each politician is from New York. “I’ve never been prouder and more disappointed about the leadership shown by two different New Yorkers,” said Babs.

Barbra Streisand said that Andrew Cuomo, “not only brought New York back from having the most victims to being the safest state, but he also became the nation’s leader in communicating calm, reassuring, strong, truthful and inspiring leadership, based on science, logic and positivity.”

And referencing President Trump without saying his name she said, “That was in daily contrast to another, well, a New Yorker who left the state. It’s quite clear who took the right path.”

Just look at Barbra Streisand’s Tweets over the past few weeks and you will see how she really feels about how President Trump has handled the Corona pandemic.

“If Trump had warned us when he knew the dangers of COVID19 and supported Fauci’s advice to wear masks and socially distance, we wouldn’t have 218,000+ dead Americans. Clearly Trump was the one panicking and now Americans must suffer.”

“India has three times the population but only half as many deaths.”

On President Obama she tweeted:
“Tonight, so many people got to see it on MSNBC… “The Way I See It” about Obama‘s presidency and his wonderful photographer who captured precious moments from his eight years in office.”
“This is what a president should look like, sound like, behave like! From his interaction with children to his most serious moments in the situation room.”

“Trump has the nerve to call himself an environmentalist. It is a bald-faced lie. Everything his Administration does releases fossil fuel companies from regulation. It removed the term “climate change” from the EPA website and continues to dismantle years of environmental progress”

“Why does Trump keep lying about how he banned flights from China?After China detected the coronavirus, 430,000 people traveled from China to the USA. 40k people after his so-called ban. If he’d acted early and told the American people it was deadly, he could have saved many lives.”

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