Israeli Founded AGOR Engineering Will Make You a Custom Swimming Pool Floor


Israeli Founded AGOR Engineering Will Make You a Custom Swimming Pool Floor

It makes your swimming pool into a convertible.

AGOR Engineering Enterprises Ltd. is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of movable swimming pool floors. It also offers a wide range of custom-designed, “creative engineering” solutions for private homes, public facilities, and industrial spaces.

AGOR delivers a personalized service to its clients; it ensures that each of its projects meets and exceeds a clients’ individual styles, tastes and requirements.

So you are probably thinking, “what does someone need a movable swimming pool floor?”

Well by movable they don’t mean that it can go from side to side or that that the pool itself can be moved. No, a movable floor is one that can be raised up higher. So what do you need this for? Well think about it. You can change a regular swimming pool into a shallow wading pool for little kids. Or turn it into a pond for fish. You expand or contract either its deep end or shallow end. You can also choose between a floor which slopes down or one which has stairs.

Since the configuration can be changed this is like having multiple kinds of swimming pools at the same time. But most importantly, you can drain the pool and lift the floor up to the top so that it becomes a floor. So now you can have the extra space for a party. Or if you live somewhere that gets cold a lot so the pool just lies empty, you can take advantage of the space in winter time instead of just having an empty hole in the yard.

This is also good for indoor pools.

AGOR offers a number of different designs like black granite porcelain, white granite porcelain, reinforced glass and teak wood.

Founded in Israel in 1990 by Israeli Yoash Zolar, a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, AGOR innovates mechanical engineering design projects. Yaron Zolar not only manages the company he is also its VP of Operations & Business Development. Yaron holds a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as an MBA.

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