Is Iran About To Make a Peace Deal with Israel?


Is Iran About To Make a Peace Deal with Israel?

We know how fantastic this news seems but just read the details very closely.

Iranian Man (Unsplash)

Here is some amazing news. Apparently Iran is in secrets talks with Israel over normalization of ties. Peace between Israel and Iran! People can hardly believe it. You probably don’t.

Perhaps it was inevitable after the recent peace deals were made between Israel and several Arab Gulf states. UAE is now making huge business deals with Israeli companies. Resort hotels in Dubai have been packed with Israeli tourists. Israel has also been making peace moves behind the scenes with other Arab countries too. Maybe soon Israel’s biggest foes like Syria will also be willing to make peace too.

Even now secret negotiations are going on between American and Iranian officials over a renewal of ties. Virgin Atlantic wants to be the first to offer new direct flights between the two countries. Reports have surfaced about a new nuclear deal too. You should not be surprised. Business is business as they say. Oil is on the way out as a big commodity. Deals have already been stuck for new high tech companies in the region to be financed with American investment. Yesterday saw the first leak about the new arrangements, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Generally we would not go to print without a verified confirmation. Ordinarily we would wait for such confirmation. Due to the fact that this is such big news, however, we just couldn’t wait.

Before you get too excited by the news, however, you should wait until Sunday. Let the sides finish hammering out the details. Everyone should be patient for now. So don’t be surprised if things don’t pan out in the end. Stay tuned to Jewish Business News for more details and have a HAPPY PURIM EVERYBODY GOD BLESS.

If you wonder why that was written all in capital letters then go back over the first letter of each sentence in the above story.

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