Offers an App for Companies to Help Employee Track Employee Mental Health

Business Offers an App for Companies to Help Employee Track Employee Mental Health

Israel’s offers general health and wellness video-based monitoring tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It now has Binah Team which it says enables any organization to offer a health and wellness monitoring application to its employees, including mental health which is so important right now with all of the stress due to the Coronavirus.

Binah is the Hebrew word for understanding or wisdom. In these days with the Coronavirus wrecking every day lives, forcing people to isolate socially and work from home, there is a greater need for understanding, or insights into how to just plain deal.

Established in 2016 and based in Ramat Gan says that its tech can bring digital healthcare services to everyone, everywhere, “empowering users with an accessible tool for healthcare and personal wellness.” declares that its vision is to allow for remote healthcare in new locations, and giving healthcare professionals a smart tool to make data-driven decisions in any situation.

In this they are not alone. We have seen a great many new devices and apps which allow for home health care, for people to monitor their own medical issues, and which can ley users test themselves for all sorts of illnesses. These services also offer connections to doctors and other health care professionals who will remotely monitor a user’s condition.

For example, last September researchers from Israel’s Ben Gurion University in the Negev unveiled a new device called Epiness which uses EEG technology and new software to help epileptics better monitor their condition. It works through electrodes which touch the wearer’s scalp and can measure the type of brain activity which occurs just before a seizure.

Then there is OutSense, a new Israeli company which has developed a device for monitoring your own stool to detect disease. The device can be attached to any toilet bowl and test a person’s fecal matter for certain types of diseases. In other words, it’s an at home excrement medical test. Users then send in the results to the company for review.

And Israel’s OncoHost is developing a new ways to test the blood of cancer patients in order to determine which treatments will be the most effective.

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So to put it mildly, and in Jewish terms, how is what offers different from what other companies offer?

Well Binah Team is for organizations to use together with their employees or whomever they may be monitoring. It can also be used by non-profits that help people in need.

The company promises that each user can measure vital signs and mental stress level with the use of a smartphone front or back camera, in under a minute, with medical-grade accuracy. Binah Team states that it can boost morale of teams or groups of employees by showing that the employer is sincerely concerned with their physical and mental health.

In addition, it provides users with data as to mental stress levels so that they can reach out when they need support like counseling.

In other words its about preventative medicine, for both physical and psychological issues. But preventative medicine offered by your job where both the user and the organization can benefit from coordinating on people’s personal health.

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