Israel’s Auto Cool Offers Covid- 19 Disinfection Solution for Public Transport


Israel’s Auto Cool Offers Covid- 19 Disinfection Solution for Public Transport

The AC company now cleanses the air too.

Auto Cool, an Israeli company which develops air conditioning systems for larger vehicles, says that it has a new way to disinfect trucks, buses and taxis by remote control. The company declares that its ADS300 will help to clear such vehicles of any traces of Covid-19.

As countries everywhere look for ways to end their Coronavirus shutdowns such new tech should come in handy. Even with the new vaccinations there are still concerns about new outbreaks or mutations. So cleaning the air anywhere of virus is a big deal. This will also help to stop another crisis like this one from getting out of hand by he;ping to clear out the air in public places of any virus, not just Covid.

The company boasts that this Israeli solution, which is managed by vehicle fleet management systems or remote control, incorporates state-of-the-art technology. Auto Cool expects it to be deployed by transportation companies on buses, trains, taxis, vehicle fleets, and ambulances in Israel and around the world.

Founded in 1982, Auto Cool Ltd. is a manufacturer of customized Air Conditioning (AC) systems for commercial vehicles and trucks since. Auto Cool develops, installs and services all its systems in-house. In addition, Auto Cool develops and produces special AC systems for aviation, marine applications.

The ADS3000 active disinfection system also disinfects air conditioning ducts, reduces exposure to disease and minimizes the risk of infection in public transport. The company states that it will reduce exposure to any epidemic or disease that would otherwise be spread in public transport and minimize the rate of infection thanks to a unique integrated solution that simultaneously disinfects air conditioning ducts.

The ADS3000 disinfection system combines two functions. It thoroughly disinfects the vehicle space by spraying water mist mixed with disinfectant to neutralize bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. In addition, it extends the process by disinfecting the air ducts while the air conditioning system is operating. Auto Cool’s ADS3000 is the only solution on the market that offers this unique combination of capabilities.

When active, the system independently schedules the multiple stages of the process and suits them to the vehicle’s design. During the disinfection, micron-size droplets of water mixed with disinfectant are emitted uniformly throughout the entire vehicle. The disinfectants do not include chlorine or any harmful substances, are completely safe for both humans nor the environment. That also ensures that the process will not damage vehicular components.

The disinfection operation takes several minutes and may vary from one vehicle to another depending on its type and size. The system’s operation is simple and convenient. An indicator will signal the when the process is complete and, when necessary, an alert will sound when the disinfectants or water have to be refilled.

“Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, demand for the system has been huge, from local and international bodies as well as the public and private sectors,” states Ziv Farber, CEO of Auto Cool. “The unique solution that we have developed combines two functions while also addressing air conditioning ducts, which are often a hotbed for bacteria and viruses.”

ADS3000 systems have already been installed by a number of transportation companies and Auto Cool expects to have a market share of as much as 80% by the end of 2021.

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