Booking a Private Flight for the First Time? Keep These Tips in Mind!


By Contributing Author

Making your first private flight is a big deal. It’s not just the fact that you’re going to see a very important client; it’s also the fact that you’ve always had to deal with the inconvenience that comes with a commercial flight. Things are going to be very different with this first charter flight. If you want to make the best of the experience, keep these factors in mind.

How Many People are Going?

Are you the only one who’s making the trip? If so, you will likely want to look into options for smaller jets. There’s also the possibility that the charter service already has something headed to the destination that you have in mind. If there are empty seats on that flight, you might be able to tag along.

Assuming you are traveling with a few coworkers, do tell the service how many to expect. There are jets that will seat fewer people but still provide ample space for sitting, napping, or even gathering for a business meeting. Once the number of people is set, the charter service can provide helpful suggestions for the choice of jet.

How Far Are You Traveling?

Charter jets have different ranges. Some can travel greater distances without needing to refuel along the way. If you’re looking to make a direct flight to your destination, that’s what you would prefer. This is also a good option if your presence at the destination is needed as quickly as possible.

If you do have more travel time and don’t mind, it’s fine to go with a jet that may need to make one fuel stop before heading to the final destination. The right charter service will have both options and can walk you through how each one would work.

When Would You Like to Leave?

One of the joys of a charter flight is that you’re not locked into a commercial flight schedule. It’s easy enough to decide when you want to leave, set up the date and time with the charter service, and then show up at the airport for the flight. If you need to delay things for an hour, all it takes is one quick phone call.

You also don’t have to worry about waiting in line to check in. At many airports, you can go straight to the gate where the jet is waiting, board, and make yourself comfortable until the jet is cleared to taxi out and take off.

What’s Your Anticipated Return Date?

You do want to provide the service with the date that you’d like to return. It can also be adjusted slightly if the need arises. That means there will be no hectic race to the airport in order to avoid missing your outbound flight.

Above all, remember that the purpose of charter flights is to make flying easier and more time-efficient for business travelers. Talk with a reputable charter service and find out what sort of business jets they have available. Once you work out the details, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your trip.