Can drinking beer actually be good for your health?

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Beer is the favorite alcoholic drink of Israelis, and it usually tends to be favored by men – but now, studies show that it may actually benefit women’s health.

Middle-aged women who consume up to two servings of beer a day have stronger bones, compared to women who abstain from drinking beer, a new study has shown.

Menopausal women have a tendency to lose bone mass and in beer you will find a significant amount of silica, which is a very essential mineral for bones. But don’t worry men, beer in the right amount will only do you good, as people who drink beer have about 80 percent less risk of getting various heart diseases. 

Drinking beer increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) which protects blood vessels and the heart from atherosclerosis and reduces blood clotting which can cause heart attacks.

Where does beer come from?

The first beer was produced 6,000 years ago in the Middle East. It is speculated that the first beers were produced by mistake when grain left in storage turned into a mushy batter. 

Can drinking beer be good for your health? (credit: PEXELS)

In Israel, a bottle of beer costs on average about NIS 26 in a pub, a rather exorbitant price if we take Ukraine as an example, where beer is sold for only 50 cents.

Globally, beers are divided into two families: lager and ale, as determined by the type of yeast that is used.

Among the popular beer brands you will find Heineken, Carlsberg, Toburg, Guinness, Bass, Corona and Weihenstaffen. If you happen to visit South America, don’t forget to buy Homer Simpson’s favorite beer – DUFF beer. 

In the Netherlands, by the way, there is a beer brewery without alcohol – intended for dogs. If you want to make beer at home it is possible in principle, but not that simple. Its main ingredients are water, malt (made from barley), hops and yeast.